One Health Linked Data Toolbox

The One Health linked data toolbox is a platform which  combines different tools developed based on the Health Surveillance Ontology (HSO)  in one place. All tools demonstrate several use cases of HSO in the context of OH surveillance data. The tool box consists of three tools the i) Linked Data Converter, which allows the conversion of Excel files into HSO-RDF, ii) the Health Surveillance Ontology (HSO) data list, which allows users to select HSO concepts to search and filter among surveillance datasets and automatically generated dashboards, iii)  the third tool is a demonstrator to link zoonosis surveillance data of EFSA and ECDC based on metdata and HSO-RDF together to provide a disease specific dashboard to compare the data across sectors.

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  1. Linked Data Converter Tools(RDF to Excel, Excel to RDF)
  2. HSO data list
  3. Linked Data Use Case EFSA-ECDC Surveillance Data