Predictive Microbial Modeling Lab (PMM-Lab)


PMM-Lab is an open-source extension to the Konstanz Information Miner (KNIME). It consists of three components:
• a library of KNIME nodes (called PMM-Lab),
• a library of “standard” workflows
• a HSQL database to store experimental data and microbial models.
Altogether these components are designed to ease and standardize the statistical analysis of experimental microbial data and the development of predictive microbial models (PMM). Users can apply PMM-Lab to proprietary or public data and create bacterial growth / survival / inactivation models. The framework can easily be extended to other model types, e.g. growth/no-growth boundary models. PMM-Lab has been initiated and provided by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment – BfR (Berlin, Germany). The software is in Beta status. Before using the software you have to read and accept the license and disclaimer. If you do not agree, do not use this software.

To install PMM-Lab follow the instruction here.

Further information supporting the use of PMM-Lab can be found here:

PMM-Lab is part of the FSK-Lab extension plugin to the data analytics software KNIME .

Source code: