Q: I am working behind a proxy server. How can I set up KNIME to use my personal proxy settings?

A: Should you be working behind a proxy server, it is necessary to configure KNIME correctly in order to be able to update and install software. You need to know the IP-address or the hostname of your proxy server as well as the TCP port that is routing outside. Follow the steps below to configure your Eclipse instance’s proxy settings:

From the main menu, please choose
‘Preferences’ the window ‘Preferences’ opens.
From the displayed category tree, please chose
+‘Network Connections’

Q: After installing PMM-Lab, some nodes are missing. Especially nodes responsible for database IO seem not have been installed.

A: Your installation may have had problems. Please close KNIME and try to start KNIME with the -clean parameter. In windows this would be

knime.exe -clean