RAKIP Model Repository & Web Services

The RAKIP project has created two dedicated web-based resources for different user groups:

User group 1:

Any researchers interested in “Food Safety Knowledge exchange & modelling”

There is a growing number of online resources that allow researchers to benefit from RAKIP developments. In the following section we provide the corresponding links to those web-based tools that we are aware of:

1.:  RAKIP-Web model repository: user can view and download models created by RAKIP members – currently still under development.

2.: RAKIP_portal Virtual Research Environment (VRE): users can upload, share, execute and download models or related content in this VRE. This portal was created within the AGINFRA+ -project and serves as a protected space in the cloud for researchers from the food modelling community. It is hosted by CNR via the “AGINFRA Gateway”. To access the RAKIP_portal VRE researchers must register in the AGINFRA Gateway and request access to the VRE. The RAKIP_portal VRE contains a so called “Data Catalogue” (https://aginfra.d4science.org/web/rakip_portal/catalogue)  that can be publicly accessed also by non-VRE members.  Any VRE user can decide if the information he shares via the “Data Catalogue” becomes accessible for the general public or only for members of the RAKIP_portal VRE.

3.: Bioinactivation: users can generate, export, import and execute R-based FSKX models in addition to the core functionality of the web portal (fitting equations through experimental data to create inactivation models)

4.: Food Modelling Journal (FMJ): researchers can import model metadata from an FSKX-compliant model directly into a paper draft. Further the “executable paper” feature allows an execution of FSKX models directly from inside the corresponding article.

User group 2:

Members of the RAKIP Initiative

The RAKIP Model Repository contains:

  • The RAKIP Model Repository is a web-based data and model repository that can be accessed by members of the RAKIP_portal VRE from within the VRE. For RAKIP_portal VRE members it provides access to data and models uploaded by the RAKIP Initiative members in this repository.
  • The RAKIP Model Repository Web Services allow users to create, join and upload models to the RAKIP Model Repository. These services are currently only accessible for RAKIP Initiative members.

The RAKIP Model Repository for members can be accessed via this link