RAKIP Model Repository & Web Services


The RAKIP Model Repository & Web Services Demonstrators contain:

  • The RAKIP Model Repository – a web-based data and model repository that can be freely assessed by any user. It will contain risk assessment data and models provided by the food safety community. The RAKIP Model Repository will be maintained and extended in a collaborative fashion.
  • The Web Services allow users to create, execute and visualize models and also upload them into the RAKIP Model Repository. It will become possible to create and share fully annotated experimental data sets. It is foreseen, that in the future new data/models entries will undergo a curation and quality control process.

Efficient knowledge integration and exchange strongly depends on the support generated by the food safety community itself. It is necessary to emphasize, that the desired increased acceptance of microbial modelling and risk assessment technologies by end users will only be achieved if software engineers, (risk) modellers, lab scientists, project managers and end users from food industry and governmental agencies jointly promote the use of open Model Repositories.

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