FoodProcess-Lab Tutorial

  1. Open KNIME.exe
  2. The Knime-interface with the PMM-Lab and FoodProcess-Lab extensions on the left bar (Node Repository) opens.
  3. First Steps:
    3.1 Create a new Workflow
    3.2 File
    3.3 ‘New…‘ the ´Select a wizard´ window opens.
    3.4 Select ‘New KNIME Workflow’ from the ‘Wizards:’ list.
    3.5 Click the button ‘Next >’
    3.6 Enter a custom workflow name in the text field ‘Name of the workflow to create:’
    3.7 Click ‘Finish’
  4. Download sample workflows
  5. Import Example Workflow as Zip file into Knime
    5.1 File
    5.2 Import Knime Workflow
    5.3 Select Archive File
    5.4 “Browse”, make your choice, e.g. “Sample Workflow”
    5.5 Click Finish
  6. Have Fun!

If you have any problem with FoodProcess-Lab please feel free to write a ticket on Sourceforge.