Prompt Engineering

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How To Get Started With ChatGPT for Beginners (List / Article, Beginner-Level)Very simple and easy beginners guide to using ChatGPT, with step by step explanations, lists of example prompts, writing styles, and more. No need to buy the ebook. Reading time: up to 30 minutes.
Prompt Engineering Tutorial - Master ChatGPT and LLM Responses (Video, Beginner-Level)Tutorial on prompting engineering for ChatGPT and LLMs. On learning, how to write and develop a longer and more complex prompt. Introduction to prompt engineering and AI. Topics: linguistics, LLMS, prompt engineering mindset, using GPT-4, best practices, zero-shot and few-shot prompts, AI hallucinations, vectors/text embeddings. Length: 41:35 minutes.
The 10 Best Free Prompt Engineering Courses & Resources for ChatGPT, Midjourney & Co. (Article, Beginner-level)Lists ten free and good prompt engineering courses + bonus resource. Last updated in January 2024. Reading time: about 20 minutes.
Best practices for prompt engineering with the OpenAI API (Article, Beginner-level)Rules of thumb and prompt engineering examples, best practices and basics: separating instructions from content, Learning to use specific, descriptive language, defining the desired output format, zero-shot vs. one-shot, few-shot prompting, say what to DO instead of what NOT to do, and using leading words. Easy reading. Reading time: 10-15 minutes.
Spezialisierung Prompt Engineering (Course, Beginner-level)Starts from square one and builds methodically up. University style lectures, focus demanding, deep and thorough coverage from fundamentals over esoterics to advanced topics with a number of interesting approaches. Topics: Prompt Engineering, ChatGPT, generative KI, ChatGPT, Erweiterte Datenanalyse. Time: 1 month at 10 hours/week.
Tips to enhance your prompt-engineering abilities (Article, Beginner-level)Six tipps to enhance prompt-engineering capabilities. Topics include: knowing the model's strengths and weaknesses, being as specific as possible, utilizing conceptual prompts, providing examples, and experimenting with personas and chain-of-thought prompting. From August 15, 2023. Reading time: 15 minutes.
10 prompt engineering tips and best practices (Article, Beginner-level)Article about prompt engineering and tips to write better prompts to generate text and advice on how to engineer prompts to generate images. Notably, it lists what common mistakes to avoid. Engineering tips include: understanding the desired outcome, form matters, making clear and specific requests, considering length, choosing words carefully, posing of open-ended questions or requests, including context, setting output length goals or limits, avoiding conflicting terms, using punctuation to clarify complex prompts. Common mistakes include: failure to test and revise, looking for short answers, sticking to the default temperature, using identical sequences in each prompt, using identical approach for each AI system, forgetting that AI can be wrong. One Youtube Link. From September 22, 2023. Reading time: 20 minutes.
Master the Perfect ChatGPT Prompt Formula (in just 8 minutes)! (Video, Beginner/Advanced-level)Tutorial (short) on prompt writing. Focus on prompt parts and order of their importance: task, context, exemplar, persona, format, tone. Use of action verbs at the beginning of a prompt, simple task and multi-task requests. Tipps for context writing: user background, success, environment. Exemplar meaning one-shot or few-shot prompting. Persona meaning role. Length: 8:29 minutes.
You’re using ChatGPT wrong (Video, Beginner/Advanced-level)Introduction to using custom instructions to improve ChatGpt responses. Length: 9:30 minutes.
ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Free Course (ChatGPT 101) (Video, Beginner/Advanced-level)Tutorial beginning with the basics on prompt writing, prompt engineering, and advanced prompt engineering techniques. Introduction to n-shot prompting, chain-of-thought prompting ("Let's think step by step", "Show me step by step"), feedback technique, and self-ask prompt engineering, i.e., adding to the prompt: "If there's any ambiguity, fell free to ask me questions before delivering the response" or: "Ask me questions using the 5-why technique before delivering the response". Additional: custom instructions for ChatGPT. Length: 1:21 hours.
I Scanned 1000+ Prompts so You Don’t Have to: 10 Need-to-Know Techniques (Article, Beginner/Advanced-level)Interesting to read article, covers more advanced topics of prompt design with screenshots and examples. More complex topics and examples. Reading time: 30 minutes.
Your Guide to Generative AI (Course, Beginner/Advanced-level)Different courses from beginner (free) to advanced level, many examples and topics covered with a lot of attention to detail. Only the first part of the course is for free. Own API is needed. Time: 1-2 days.
Prompt Engineering Guide (Course/Library, Beginner/Advanced-level)Big and structured library to look up prompt engineering terms from basic to very advanced and complex, scientific papers, and information on models in use from ChatGPT to Sora. Chapters for different topics including: LLM settings, basics of prompting, prompt elements, general tips for designing prompts, and advanced techniques. Offers additionally paid courses with a discount. Reading time: around 45 minutes.
DALL-E 2 Prompt Book (Digital Book/Guide, Beginner/Advanced-level)A digital book, gives introduction to AI art prompting for DALL-E 2 and others. Contains many example prompts and images, and guidance on how to prompt or edit pictures within or outside the app, cropping, zooming, positioning, and context jumping. Chapters: Introduction, Vibes, Photography, Illustration, Art history, 3D artwork, DALL-E techniques, Showcase, Appendix. Last updated: July 14, 2022. Pages: 82. Reading time: up to 1 hour.
Prompt Engineering: Six Stategies for Getting Better Results (Guide, Beginner/Advanced-level)The guide on prompt engineering strategies is one guide of many within the extensive documentation library of There is much more information on all other topics relating to the use and the applications of LLMs. Strategies to improce prompting include: writing clear instructions, providing reference texts, splitting complex tasks into simpler subtasks, giving the model time to "thinkt", using external tools, testing changes in prompts systematically. Advanced difficulty. Reading time: < 1 hour.
Prompt Engineering For ChatGPT: A Quick Guide To Techniques, Tips, And Best Practices (Paper, Beginner/Advanced-level)A paper written with the help of ChatGPT by Sabit Ekin from Texas University. Gives an introduction and quick overiew of all relevant keywords, techniques, and aspects regarding prompt engineering including an outlook to more advanced topics. Topics include: introduction to ChatGPT and fundamentals of prompt engineering, techniques of effective prompt engineering, best practices for prompt engineering, advanced prompt engineering strategies, case studies of real-world applications of prompt engineering. From October 31, 2023. Time: 45 minutes.
DeepLearning.AI Short Courses: ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers (Course, Advanced-level)Nine comprehensive, video-based courses covering all aspects regarding prompt engineering tailored to software engineers and developers. Gives inspirations that can directly be translated into prompt engineering. Still free at the moment. Requirements are: account, Jupyter Notebook, and basic Python knowledge. Time: 90 minutes to watch, a few days to play around with the examples.
Advanced MidJourney Prompt Engineering (Article + Video, Advanced-level)Quick introduction and overview to prompting and prompt engineering for MidJourney. Midjourney is an AI art and image generator. Article contains: overview of Midjourney commands, example prompts and pictures, tips and tricks, and links to Youtube videos. Requirements: Discord account and invitation link. Reading time: ~30 minutes. Video length: 9:55 minutes.
Unleashing the potential of prompt engineering in Large Language Models: a comprehensive review (Research paper, Advanced-level)Introduction to prompt engineering and several Large Language Models (LLMs) in use, overview of basic and advanced prompting techniques, the future of prompting methodologies, assessment of prompting methods, benefits of prompt engineering in different fields. Basic techniques: giving instructions, being clear and precise, role-prompting, use of (triple) quotes, trying several times, one-shot and few-shot prompting, temperature and top-p LLM settings. Advanced techniques: chain-of-thought, zero-shot chain-of-thougth, golden chain-of-thought, self-consistency method, generated knowledge approach, least-to-most prompting, tree of thoughts, graph of thoughts, retrieval augmentation, using plugins to improve prompts. From October 2023. Reading time: > 1 hour.
Prompt examples (Repository, Advanced-level)Examples showing the use of different system messages for prompting via API requests.
Advanced Prompt Engineering (Article, Advanced/Expert-level)Advanced materials and interesting approaches regarding the "deep end of prompt engineering". The article tackles complex problems for cases when few-shot prompting is not enough and multi-step processes are needed to get an answer. Uses pictures, examples, and research paper references. An account is needed. Length: 2 hours reading.
OpenAI Cookbook (Repository, Advanced/Expert-level)The openai cookbook is a community-driven resource. The extensive cookbook contains countless examples of prompts used in software engineering tasks. Further, there are repositories, Jupyter notebooks, explanations, and introductions. Most code examples are written in Python. The "related resources from around the web"-link leads to another page of prompting libraries, tools, guides, video courses, and papers on advanced prompting to improve reasoning. Requirements: OpenAI account and API. Time: indefinite.
Chain-of-Thought Prompting Elicits Reasoning in Large Language Models (Research paper, Advanced/Expert-level)Experimental investigation into the (improved) ability of chain-of-thought prompting to perform complex reasoning tasks, compared to standard prompting. Arithmetic reasoning, commonsense reasoning, symbolic reasoning. Math word problem benchmarks: GSM8K, SVAMP, ASDiv, AQuA, MAWPS. Models: GPT 3 175B, PaLM 540B, LaMBDA. From January 2023. Reading time: > 1 hour.
An Introduction to Large Language Models: Prompt Engineering and P-Tuning (Article, Advanced/Expert-level)Nvidia article from a technical blog, with pictures and examples. Short but complex introduction to LLMs, prompting techniques and prompt engineering. Target group are developers or people with background knowledge. Many complex topics are touched but without enough depth to grasp the significance or relevance for beginners. Topics include: why using large language models, value of LLMs over multiple 'ensembles', prompting LLMs, prompt engineering for better prompts, p-tuning to customize LLMs, and related resources for the interested. From April 26, 2023. Reading time: around 30 minutes.
Prompt Engineering Tools (Repository, Advanced/Expert-level)A section within a large guide containing a list of non-IDE tools that can be useful for prompting. It is part of a larger prompt engineering guide that is also worth discovering. Reading time: 5 minutes.