AI ToolLinkDescription
Cadima free web tool facilitating the conduct and assuring for the documentation of systematic reviews, systematic maps and further literature reviews
Scolarcy long-form article summariser to read smarter - converts documents into an interactive summary flashcard format, which gives context and highlights key information to verify findings
Lateral Search, Save and Organise findings across your papers
Elicit assistant for conducting literature review and finding relevant academic papers. Summarizes the abstracts and extracts desired information from scientific papers: e.g. population, sample size, outcome, etc.
Blackbox AI coding Large Language Model designed to transform the way of building software
ChatGPT Chatbot
Jasper Copywriting
Synthesia text into videos. Natural sounding AI voices in 120+ languages, Videos more engaging with 140+ AI avatars
RTutor coding assisstant
Plag checker
Talk to Books passages from books based of questions and statements
AI Image Enlarger resolution improvement or modification
jenni with various types of writing, including academic papers, essays, blog posts, speeches https://fireflies.aiHelps to transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze voice conversations
QuillBot tool that offers a variety of features to help users improve their writing. Includes a paraphrasing tool, grammar checking, word suggestions
Syllaby of a social media strategy
WordAI or rewriting of paragraphs
Tome of presentations based on topics
Paraphraser tool
Beautiful.ai presentation software that allows users to create visually appealing presentations quickly and easily
Codeium assistant
Papercup translator
Question AID generated multiple choice questions with answers from a text
Copy AI copywriter
BuildAI Space an AI interface or app
Kartiv product descriptions into compelling visuals
Otter AI Zoom assitant for meeting minutes
Axiom AI that provides browser automation services, allowing users to automate website actions and repetitive tasks on any website or web app without the need for coding
Replit AI software collaboratively with the power of AI, on any device, without spending a second on setup
Mailmentor assistant
Andi search tool powered by generative AI. It provides answers to questions and explains and summarizes information from the best sources, without the clutter of SEO spam and ads
Scribe by step guideline creator for any online task
WolframAlpha solver in mathematics and sciences
Dictation recognition to write emails and documents in Google Chrome
Playground generator
Humata AIhttps://www.humata.aiProvide answers to questions from an uploaded PDF document
MeetGeek creates video recordings, generates transcripts, summaries, and provides key insights from each meeting
Analogenie to generate contextual analogies for your content
OSS Insighthttps://ossinsight.ioGPT-powered tool for GitHub live data exploration
Paperbrain tool for access and understanding research papers
Krisp background noise and echo from meetings
Amazon CodeWhisperer code suggestions, ranging from code snippets to complete functions, in real time in the IDE, based on comments and existing code. It also supports CLI completions and the translation of natural language into Bash on the command line.
Socratichttps://socratic.orgSolves academic problems based on AI
Cowriter text to inspire writing
Perplexity AI conversational search engine which provides sources
Copilot pair programmer
QuillBot tool
Lookup insight, it allows users to ask questions in plain language and get answers instantly. It supports multi-datasource analysis and CSV import, and provides powerful data analysis capabilities
Dall-E2 and image processing
Excel Formula Generator Excel or Google Sheets formulas based on text instructions
Frase SEO-optimized content, writing, content optimization