Tracing in FoodChain-Lab


  • Use the example workflow from….
  • Visualize the forward and backward trace of a station via the Tracing View.
  • Deactivate “Cross Contamination” for the black station and see how the trace changes.

  • In the delivery graph you can see 9 Outbreak stations (red) and one station where Cross Contamination is assumed (black).
  • The size of each station is based on its “Score”, which depends on the Outbreak stations that can be reached from the station.

  • We will now observe the trace of a single station in detail.
  • Set “Picking” as Editing Mode and double click on the station in the red circle.

  • A dialog will pop up, that all attributes of the station.
  • Additionally you can change “Weight”, “Cross Contamination”, “Kill Contamination” and “Observed”.

  • Select Observed and press OK.

  • All stations/deliveries of the forward trace are orange-colored and the ones of the backward trace are purple.
  • Three Outbreak stations are also orange striped now. That means they are also on the forward trace of the observed station.

  • Let’s see what happens if we deactivate cross contamination in the station in the red circle.
  • So double click on it.

  • Uncheck CrossContamination and press OK.

  • Deactivating cross contamination changed the forward trace of the observed station.
  • Now two of the Outbreak stations, that were striped before, cannot be reached anymore.