Create a FoodChain-Lab Workflow Part 2


  • Use the Tracing View to display the delivery graph in a clearly arranged way.
  • Apply the Default Highlighting to color the graph.
  • Visualize the backward and forward trace for an arbitrary station.
  • This is the second part of the tutorial.
  • You can either do the first part to create this workflow or download it from….
  • Double click on the Tracing View to open its dialog.

  • In the Tracing View you can see the imported delivery network.

  • To arrange the network in a better way right click in the graph and select Apply Layout > Fruchterman-Reingold.

  • This layout process is not deterministic. That means you will get a different result each time.
  • You can apply the layout again, if you are not satisfied with the current result.
  • You can also apply a layout for certain stations only. Therefore you have to select the stations you want to be layouted and apply the layout again.

  • Right click in the graph to open the context menu and select Set default Highlighting.
  • Highlighting uses colors and sizes to visualize certain properties of stations/deliveries.

  • You will notice, that 4 stations are colored red now and some stations increased in size.
  • The red stations are the supermarkets, where we set the weight to “1”.
  • The size of each station is based on its “Score”.

  • Activate Show Legend to get a legend for the defined colors.

  • Now we can observe a station to see its delivery trace.
  • Set “Picking” as Editing Mode and double click on any station.
  • We clicked on the station in the red circle.

  • A dialog will pop up, that shows all attributes of the station.
  • Additionally you can change “Weight”, “Cross Contamination”, “Kill Contamination” and “Observed”.

  • Select Observed and press OK.

  • All stations/deliveries of the forward trace are orange-colored and the ones of the backward trace are purple.

  • Click at an empty area of the graph to deselect all stations.
  • Now you can see, that the “Observed” station is green.
  • Then activate “Join Deliveries” to simplify the graph. Deliveries with the same supplier and recipient are joined now.