OHEJP Glossary

The One Health EJP Glossary is an cross-sectoral community and expert driven glossary. It contains more than 600 terms and definitions with its specific references and additional information such as the belonging sector, related terms or category. The Glossary covers terms in the area of One Health such as public health, animal health and food safety. It is a joint effort between JIP ORION, JIP COHESIVE and JRP NOVA projects.

Hint: The OHEJP Glossary and its infrastructure is still in development. In case you want to cite a term, please use the original reference. You can find the reference in the metadata field of the glossary entry!

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Table of Content

  1. Aim
  2. Benefits
  3. Target audience
  4. OHEJP Glossary Extensions
    1. OHEJP Glossary Text Processing Service
    2. OHEJP Glossary Maintenance Infrastructure

1 Aim

The OHEJP Glossary aims for:

  • the collection of OH related terms and definitions in the sectors public health, animal health and food safety
  • highlighting similarities and differences of terms and definitions between the sectors
  • providing an infrastructure to reference, search and filter terms and definitions

2 Benefits

The One Health EJP Glossary provides an infrastructure to search and filter terms and definitions. Further, it contains a set of metadata clarifying the relation of each term to the different sectors. A unique identifier for each term makes it even possible to link terms and definitions to own publications. The content of the OHEJP Glossary is continuously updated and highlights differences between terms and definitions.

We also extended the OHEJP Glossary Infrastructure with tools, which support on the one hand its maintenance and usability and on the other hand add new functionalities such as a text processing workflow.

3 Target audience

The OHEJP Glossary is a public and collaborative resource, which is open to all who are interested in One Health. Although the use and application of the OHEJP Glossary focuses on researchers and policy makers, working in a field related to One Health.

4 OHEJP Glossary Extensions

We developed several tools to enhance the functionalities and maintenance of the OHEJP Glossary.

Please note that these infrastructures are currently in development and in a testing phase. They are only accessible via dedicated login.

4.1 OHEJP Glossary Text Processing Service

The OHEJP Glossary text processing tool enables users to automatically search within any user-provided text document (e.g. PDF, Word, Excel) for terms within a given glossary. The user is also able to download the generated result and can include the outcome in own documents

Link to service: OHEJP Text Processing Service (Login required)

4.2 OHEJP Glossary Maintenance Infrastructure

To support the community driven approach of the Glossary we developed a set of tools, which enable the possibilities to comment, rate and request new entries or change entries within the OHEJP Glossary. After curation of community requests, new terms or changes will be entered into the Glossary.

The OHEJP Maintenance Infrastructure include:

OHEJP Glossary Dashboard

  • Platform to access the maintenance infrastructure and tools of the Glossary
  • Shows current statistics about the content of the OHEJP Glossary

OHEJP Glossary Add Request Facility

  • Form to request terms and definitions which should be included into the OHEJP Glossary
  • This tool can be also accessed via the OHEJP Glossary and the OHEJP Glossary Dashboard

OHEJP Glossary Change Request Facility

  • Form to request, comment or rate content in the OHEJP Glossary
  • This tool can be only accessed via the OHEJP Glossary and a VRE account


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