Geo-Clustering in FoodChain-Lab


  • Perform a clustering using the following workflow:…
  • Cluster all French primary producers by using the GIS Cluster node.
  • Use a Max Neighborhood Distance of 100km.
  • That means two stations are put into the same cluster if their distance is less than 100km.

  • Drag the GIS Cluster node from FoodChain-Lab in the Node Repository to the Workflow Editor.

  • Connect the output of Joiner to the input of GIS Cluster.
  • Connect the output of GIS Cluster to the first input of Tracing View.
  • Double click on the GIS Cluster node to open its dialog.

  • In this dialog you can set up an algorithm for geographical clustering based on latitude and longitude.
  • Click on Set Filter to define which stations should be clustered.

  • You should see this dialog now.
  • Press the button in the red circle to change the Property value.

  • Select “Country”.

  • Now select “FR” as Value, since we want to cluster stations in France.
  • Afterwards press Add to add another condition.

  • For the new condition select “type of business” as Property and “Primary Producer” as Value, since we want to cluster primary producers only.
  • Now press OK.

  • Set the Max Neighborhood Distance to 100km. That means that stations with distance of less than 100km are put into the same cluster. For details on the algorithm look here:
  • Press OK.

  • Right click on GIS Cluster to open its context menu and select Execute to execute the node.
  • The results of the clustering are put into the new column ClusterID. This column will now be used in the Tracing View.

  • Open the Tracing View by double-clicking on it.

  • A window showing the delivery network should open now.

  • Right click in the graph to open the context menu and select Collapse by Property.

  • The clustering will be done based on the results of the GIS Cluster node.
  • Select ClusterID and press OK.

  • Just press OK, since we do not want to exclude any area.

  • All French primary producers have been clustered to areas.
  • Each selected station (blue circle) is an area in France.

  • Select “Picking” as Editing Mode and click in the graph to deselect all stations.
  • You can now see, that one of the stations is yellow. That means, that this stations (French area) is connected to all outbreak spots (red circles).
  • Press Switch to GIS to see where this area is.

  • The area is in Southern France.