PMM-Lab Installation

In this Section we will go through the steps of installing PMM-Lab.

+ Visit
+ Download the KNIME distribution that fits to your Operating System.
+ Locate the downloaded KNIME self-extracting archive file and execute it. You will be asked to specify a location where, on your hard disk, you wish to install KNIME.
+ Go to the specified KNIME directory and run the executable file called ‘knime.exe’ in the case of Windows users or plain ‘knime’ if you are a user of Linux or Mac OS X.
+ Note that KNIME doesn not include a JRE for the Mac. Therefore, Java needs to be installed on the machine. For PMM-Lab Java7 is needed!

Install new software menu item

Then, the PMM-Lab plugin needs to be added to the KNIME instance. To achieve that please

  • Choose from the main menu
    • ‘Help’
    • ‘Install New Software…’ the ‘Available Software’ window opens.
  • In the category ‘Work with’ please click the button ‘Add…’ the ‘Add Repository’ window opens.

Add repository window

  • In the text field ‘Location:’ please enter the following URL:
  • Click Button ‘OK’.
  • Make sure all PMM-Lab items are selected in the table below the ‘Work with:’ section.

Available software window

  • Click the button ‘Next >’ at the bottom of the window and wait while KNIME is ‘Calculating requirements and dependencies’. The ‘Install Details’ window opens.
  • Click the button ‘Next >’.
  • Read the license agreement carefully, then activate the radio button ‘I accept the terms of the license agreement’
  • Click the button ‘Finish’. The ‘Installing Software’ window opens that lets you follow the installation progress.
  • KNIME lets you choose, whether to restart.

You accomplished installing an instance of KNIME and eventually adding the PMM-Lab plugin. You can now use the PMM-Lab nodes in the Node Repository to perform specific calculations in the field of predictive microbiology. Future versions of PMM-Lab can easily be installed via the Update functionality of KNIME. You will find it in the menu:

  • Choose from the main menu
    • ‘Help’
    • ’Check for Updates.’

To make use of the HSQL database no further action is necessary. This database will be installed automatically inside the KNIME workspace directory when you start up KNIME for the first time.



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  2. PMM-Lab may change at any time without notice.
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